i-Mesh BD

Experienced UX and Web designers, crafting innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide.

About our company

iMesh BD is a 360’ tech solution & service provider. Why are we saying that we are providing 360’ service to you guys? But, before that let’s know about your business. If you are running traditional business or e-business, then you might be thinking to grow your business bigger, right? And, here, we are to help you guys to expand your business whether it is a traditional or e-business format. Any kind of business solution or support, we are always here to help you. For the last 15 years, we are confidently and successfully serving our honorable clients worldwide. Now, let’s talk something about our services. We will discuss about our services in short. Here, our services are- These services are very important for expanding the market of any kind of business nationally and internationally. But, now, you might have a question in your mind that “WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE US?”  Don’t worry, we have satisfactory answer for that question.

Who Are We?

iMesh BD is 360’ service provider for the business expansion and development. The fact that makes us different from others is that we always consider your requirements as our requirements. We just need to explain and share your needs & business requirements to us, then it is our responsibility to meet your needs and give it a professional output. We are here to help you with consultancy service to know anything about your business. Basically, we are always here, 24/7, to serve you to grow your business. If you are running an online business or a website and want to rank your business or website to number one in the google, then we can help you out with that. We do provide service as a SEO company for small businesses nationally and internationally. You can consider us as a SEO agency too because we will provide you all the SEO services to grow your company.
If you are running an E-Commerce business, then not need to worry. We are also ready to serve you for your E-Commerce business development too. Even, we will provide you support to grow your recognition in the social platforms too. That means we also do the Facebook marketing which is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Now, what if you don’t have any kind of online presence like website or other stuff? Then, can we help you out with that? You might have that kind of question in your mind, right? Yes, we can help you out with that too. We can do the website design for your business too. So, you might have understood till now that we provide every kind of online services to help you to grow your business bigger. If you come to us and want to develop your business, then youcan all the professional online services from one place. And, we always consider our honorable clients’ needs and requirements as our top level priority. We are trying our level best develop our services day by day. Thus we are trying to give the ultimate compared to other service providers in the market. In the conclusion, we just want to mention that “WE ARE DEFENITELY NOT THE BEST SERVICE PROVIDER IN THE MARKET BUT, SURELY WE DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS”.
Now, let’s give you guys a small piece of information about Our Honorable Founder & Managing Director Mir Shahed Ali. He is the founder of this outstanding professional online services and problem solving organization. Mir Sahed Ali, is the name of a successful entrepreneur and a youth leader of the IT Industry in Bangladesh. He evolved in IT, e-Commerce, advertisement and tourism business. He started his career by establishing i-Mesh back in 2006. Since then he has been working in diversified sector with his skills, effort and dedication to create more values in his professional and social life. To know more you guys are welcome to contact us. You guys can mail us to our e-mail address and follow us on our social media platforms. If you guys want to suggest us anything that we should develop for our betterment then please let us know. We will appreciate that as well.